I don't proof read.

General Matt Update

May 13, 2017

This was meant to be long, heartfelt and honest, but the excitement I just experienced has flattened all that.


I finished college today. It took me five years but I finally did it. I don’t expect to need to do any repeats, but a 1.1 is looking out of sight at the same time. The exam today went pretty well, and I only had three exams this semester so you can expect they would go alright at least.

Chrome Extension

I have made good progress on the Chrome extension I’ve been working on. I now have production Unsplash API access. Unfortunately they have deprecated category random images which is disappointing, but the extension will live on.

I’ll make a blog post about the Chrome extension when I release it on the app store.


Tonight was interesting, I guess. I’ve been drinking since 3pm, and it’s 3am now, so excuse me if this is terrible.

It started off standard enough - Vic, Edison, Silly Goose. Essentially a tour of The Bars of Matt’s Last Relationship. We ended up back in The Vic, where me and a pal hit it off with a couple of random people there. Unfortunately, the person I hit it off with needed to work early the next morning so headed off early enough.

After Vic we went to An Brog, continuing the trend of reliving better times for me. In Brog I was hit by a horrific feeling of dread and paranoia. I felt it easier for everyone (myself especially) if I just head home, which I did.

My phone ran out of battery two minutes from Vic Mills. Classic, but no real issue surely. I arrive at the front gate, stick my key in and… nothing? The LED blinks red, rather than green. I try my key card a few more times but nothing changes. I know what’s happened obviously. My lease was up today so my key stopped working despite my agreement to an extra two days stay.

I knocked on reception but there was no sign of life there. I finally get let into the compound by a girl doing her laundry. The only reason i could get into my building is because the lock on the front door had broken a few days before, so I head up to my floor, but obviously can’t let myself into my apartment. I sit down in the corridor and plug in my phone so I can ring security.

While waiting for the phone to charge I started messing with the lock - I’d broken through these locks before, but usually when the door swang the other way which made them way easier. I still decided to try fiddle with the lock and maybe I could get in.

After 20 minutes of fiddling, I manage to get the lock to give with two plastic credit card type cards. Knowing how the lock worked made this was easier, but using some brute force it was possible to crack the lock open.

I got in and taped the lock open so for the next two days I won’t even need a key.