Matt Carrick

188 The Alliance, South Lott's Road, Dublin | +353862057644


September '19 - present
DevOps Engineer

  • Scaling, deploying and provisioning resources using Terraform
  • Created monitoring and automation tools for ElasticSearch application
March '16 - August '16 (intern),
August '17 - September '19
Amazon Web Services
Cloud Support Associate/Engineer

  • Troubleshooting customer issues involving many AWS services and dealing with customers directly over email, via live chat or over the phone
  • Day-to-day usage of AWS' DevOps tools such as ECS, Elastic Beanstalk, CodePipeline, CloudFormation and CodeBuild
  • Good experience with the core AWS services such as EC2, ELB, Autoscaling, EBS and IAM
  • Constantly learning new AWS services such as OpsWorks, EKS, Service Catalog and others
  • Experience with third party tools used by AWS services such as Docker, Git, Kubernetes


2012 - 2017
University College Cork
B.Sc. in Computer Science

  • 4th Year - 71%
    • Algorithms & Data Structures - 83%
    • Information Retrieval - 81%
    • Artificial Intelligence 1 - 71%

  • 3rd Year - 75%
    • Client Side Programming - 93%
    • Web Systems Team Project - 81%
    • Software Engineering - 77%

  • 2nd Year - 50%
    • Database Design and Admin - 79%
    • Logic Design - 62%


  • Strong Linux experience
  • Familiarity with many AWS services including EC2, ELB, CloudFormation, ElasticBeanstalk
  • Good computer networking knowledge and troubleshooting experience
  • Docker experience through Amazon ECS and Netsoc server administration
  • Experience with Git version control
  • Worked as profile primary in AWS, being the point of contact for the team during the busy shift and distributing customer contacts to engineers to be worked on based on priority
  • HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, as well as libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, FabricJS and Materialize CSS
  • Bash and Python scripting experience
  • Mentor for two separate new hires in AWS, guiding them through their first few months in the company and teaching them services
  • As manager of a large college team project, have experienced leading a team as well as delegating work and deadline management
  • Provided training and talks to new hires and new members of the team, including developing the CodeBuild onboarding training